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Affiliate Marketing Case Study Through Quora Ads

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 Quora Ads

If you want make money online through Affiliate link and you don’t know about Quora Ads you lose lots traffic. A lot of people feel that they would be wasting their time trying to make money online, but that is simply not true, so I created this affiliate marketing case study to prove you CAN earn money online, and faster than you think. This article will walk you through the steps to making money fast with affiliate marketing by running a paid ads campaign on Quora.

Affiliate Marketing Case Study Through  Quora Ads

To engage you with the process and to show you first-hand how to get the best results in the shortest time possibleI will walk you through the affiliate marketing case study designed specifically to serve this goal.

The 3 main steps of the Case Study

1.Write a Article  in which you promote multiple affiliate products (in this case study I chose 2 products) and publish it on your blog.

2. Drive traffic to the article by running paid Ads on Quora.

3. Sit back and earn passive income!

The Article Used

I have shown you in my previous articles  (another affiliate marketing case study) how to write an article promoting multiple affiliate products and how to publish the article. I have also shown you how to drive traffic to the article for free and get conversation in 48 hours 

In this case study, I am going to use the same article that I’ve already used previously, which is a comparison between two email marketing services (SendinBlue) and GetResponse), but this time I am going to drive traffic by running paid Ads on Quora.

This article is a comparison between these two email marketing services. It highlights the benefits of each by organizing all the details in a table and you can see that the article is full of affiliate links to those products. What’s interesting about this is the psychology behind the whole thing. If you were able to target the right people who are searching for the best email marketing service, you will get a high conversion rate regardless of which one they are going to choose.

The Outcome of this Campaign:

To show you the campaign, I went to Quora and opened my Quora Ads Manager. On this page, there’s a dashboard and when you click on the traffic blog, you can see the campaign.

It shows you that I spent $14.22 on this campaign and as a result, I got 198 clicks and the clicks-through conversions were 64. So, I got approximately 64 views on my blog. Previously it was around 30 views; now it’s around 100 views, which means that I got 66 new views from Quora.

To see the results of this campaign, I first checked SendinBlue . I skipped the first 5.00 € since they are the revenue of the first case study. In total, I made 25 € which is about $30.

 Quora Ads

Although I didn’t get any new conversions in GetResponse, I got a lot of free accounts which means that anytime those free accounts get a new subscription, I will receive a commission. Now, this is due to the reason that GetResponse has a recurring commission program.So, my final results were 25 € from SendInBlue and 15 new accounts on GetResponseThis means that I got a 100% ROI (Return On Investment).

Creating the Campaign:

You can simply create a campaign on Quora by clicking the blue link labeled “New Campaign” and then you will have to provide the following details:

1. Choose a name for your campaign. In my case, it’s Traffic Blog”. You also have to indicate the objective of this campaign and in my case it’s Traffic” since I want to drive traffic to my blog.

Screenshot with Campaign name and Budget

2. Set the budget. For this campaign, I chose to make it 10$ which is a good amount of money to start with.

3. Choose a name for your ad set. The name can be anything. I went with “Adset 1”.

4. Pick a location. I went for “India” since I would get a lower CPC (Cost Per Click). You can add more countries to get more reach, but don’t go with countries with high CPC to keep the cost low. The point is to test the strategy safely before you scale up with bigger campaigns.

Quora Ads

5. Choose primary targeting. This is how you will target a specific group of people for your campaign. My choice was “Contextual Targeting” and I filled in the targeted topics with “Email marketing”. In addition to that I added “Email Service Provides”, “Email Deliverability”…etc. to get more reach.

3. Set the headline and add an image. My headline is “SendInBlue vs GetResponse” and the body text is “Decide which email marketing service is better for your business.”

It’s a simple ad with a “learn more” button that leads people to the article on my blog.

Affiliate Marketing Case Study Through  Quora Ads

This is exactly how I ran a paid campaign on Quora and got a 200% ROI. Your next step from here is to scale up and rise to the challenge. You can run this campaign for one month and study the results.

End of the Affiliate Marketing Case Study

Now that I suggested this, you might be asking yourself why I chose to stop this campaign ahead of time.

Well, that’s simply because I ran a native ad campaign experimenting with the same article. The purpose of that was to compare the strategies and find out which campaign works better.

In this way, I am targeting people who are asking and answering questions about email marketing and email marketing services on Quora. As you can see, the target audience is very precise, increasing the value and effectiveness of my ad.

6. Set the device and browser: I set it to “All desktop browsers” since I want all desktop users to see my ad.

7.  Set the bid: I kept it as suggested which is “0.74$”.

Creating the Ad:

1. Choose a name for your Ad (example: Ad1) and then click on “Image Ad”.

2. Fill in with the business name

I hope this affiliate marketing case study clearly showed the steps to making the most out of affiliate marketing by running a paid ads campaign.

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