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The Easiest Way to Make Money Online Using Instagram

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 Make Money Online Using Instagram

Making money online using Instagram is a dream shared by many people. But unfortunately, it’s coupled with the misconception that a miracle is required to achieve this dream. Starting an online business is very similar to building an offline one; they need time and dedication to growing. It’s important to realize that anyone with the right mindset and motivation can achieve a lot with this line of work.

An online business is not your get-rich-quick ticket, but there are plenty of ways to make your path easier. Surely, most of you would think that you require a computer and a website to make money online.

However, anyone with a decent internet connection and a mobile phone can do wonders with the magic of the internet. You can create a public business profile on Instagram to earn money from. For example, if you post a story on Instagram, you can earn $7; if you post a photo, you can earn $18 if you post a video, you can potentially earn $33.

Here, I’ll present to you the easiest way to make money online using Instagram. You will not need to go on camera and record videos or sell any products. Here’s how to make money online using Instagram in three steps .

Step One: Building a Good Instagram Profile.

Make money online using Instagram

If you don’t have an Instagram account yet, all you have to do is download the Instagram app and create one for free. The next thing you should do is to create a post that gives a high engagement rate. To do that, you should:

Use Canva:

  • Visit Canva, which is a free website for creating images so you don’t need any premium membership. Canva has a free mobile application as well, so you can do all the work on your mobile.
  • Click on create a design and click on “Instagram Post”
  • Select photos and choose a free photo


  • Add a quote
 Make Money Online Using Instagram

Brainyquotes is a website that offers you a library of quotes regarding any topic you could think of. All you have to do is select the text, copy it, and paste it in Canva.

 Make Money Online Using Instagram

To achieve your goal of making money on Instagram, It’s important here to emphasize the significance of posting at least four times per day. Keeping your audience engaged with the posts on your profile will ensure that you get a high engagement rate. Maintaining a high engagement rate is crucial for when you decide to start posting sponsored photos. Your engagement rate is directly correlated to the price you will receive, and that will affect your online business in the long term.

Step Two : Finding Sponsors to Make Money Online Using Instagram:

Finding Sponsors to make money

How can I find people who want to post on my profile?

 How can I connect with other people?

You can achieve that by contacting people and there are two methods to that:

Cold Mailing:


You can contact them directly on Instagram by searching for people in your niche and asking them if they are interested in posting or promoting something on your profile.


This method is somehow automated.

When your profile starts to get more visible on Instagram, you can use services like socialbakers.

Socialbakers helps people find influencers and that’s how people will automatically find and contact you. This website will help you make money online in the long term.

No need to start worrying from day one about whether you will get your first ad or if you’ll get the chance to promote someone.

For now, just focus on promoting and growing your Instagram profile, getting a high engagement rate, and a big number of followers. Then, later on, you will note how people will contact you to promote on your behalf.

Don’t post too many ads!

An important piece of advice is not to transform your Instagram account into an ad directory.

Don’t post a story or a photo for someone else every day. Keeping your content normal and real is a key point for people to connect with you and love your content.

Accordingly, you can post for others once or twice per week, but not every day.

Later on, when you continue growing and have a larger number of followers, you can earn a lot with only one post and make more money online.

Follow this method, and with time, you will surely see great results and online success which will help you make money online.

Step Three : Growing Your Instagram Account

There are two main rules to grow your Instagram profile:

  • Post on a daily basis:

Posting consistently and frequently on your profile will only strengthen your presence. By being consistent with your followers, you’ll have loyal followers who will share and talk about your profile.

  • Add the appropriate hashtags:

Not only will Instagram suggest to you relevant hashtags, but it will also give you the number of posts for every hashtag. What you are aiming for here is getting low competition tags.

Instagram Hashtag Extractor:

With this in mind, I have created a free tool that will provide you with a big list of hashtags. It will also give you the post number so that you can choose the best ones for your account keeping in mind that you are a beginner starting to rank on easy hashtags.

First, you have to open the application “Instagram Hashtag Extractor

 Make Money Online Using Instagram

Next, you must type the keyword that you want and click on “Find”.

In a matter of seconds, it will give you a big list of hashtags.

Then, you should filter or sort by post and search for hashtags with a low number of posts.

One thing to point out is that this tool sometimes doesn’t work directly using the “Find” button; it occasionally gives an error. In this case, follow these steps and your problem will be solved:

  • Click on “extract from JSON”
  • Insert the keyword again
  • Copy the full URL
  • Open your web browser and paste the URL
  • Copy all the data given and paste it in the “Output” section and click on “Read Hashtags
 Make Money Online Using Instagram

This tool is simple to use and you have the option of exporting to a CSV. You can also keep the data on your PC and build your own hashtags’ library.

All things considered, it’s important to be specific. Make sure to select a target topic so that when it’s time to sponsor someone you will have a targeted niche and this will encourage people to have their photos and their videos sponsored on your profile.

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