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How Can We Increase Organic Traffic in 2021?

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Increase Organic Traffic in 2021 To Wesbite Or Blog we Talk About one of the best Service of Internet Called Semrush .

SEMRush has 9 million monthly visits from across the globe. It’s a wonderful set of tools to help you get measurable results from online marketing efforts. And there are tons of ways you can get traffic with SEMRush in 2021, without a doubt. 

SEMRush Features

Let’s have a look at some of the top features SEMRush offers right now. 

SEMRush tools to help you up to your SEO game:

  • Keyword Research Tools
  • On-Page SEO Tools
  • Local SEO Tools
  • Rank Tracking Tools
  • Link Building Tools
  • Competitor SEO Analysis 

SEMRush tools to help you curate the best content for online use include:

  • 7 Content Marketing Tools 
  • 3 Content Creation and Distribution Tools 
  • 2 Content Optimization Tools
  • 2 Content Marketing Analytics Tools

For market research, SEMRush offers great tools like:

For advertising your business online, SEMRUsh offers

And to help you get started with social media, SEMRush offers

As you can see, SEMRush is a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs. You probably heard about SEMRush already if you are in the online business industry.

SEMRush tools

This platform is packed with powerful tools to improve your overall marketing strategy. You may feel overwhelmed when you first try to use Semrush, so it may be challenging to get started. Let’s get to know how to get traffic with SEMRush now.  

How to Get Traffic With SEMRush (9 Practical Steps)

I’ll talk about 9 actionable tips (and practical steps) to help you get traffic to your blog or website with SEMRush. You can do it with the software regardless of the type of business you’re doing. It also helps you amp up your freelancing career in the digital marketing world. 

Sounds exciting? Let’s get started right now. 

Find Your Competitor’s Top Pages (Get Traffic With SEMRush)

You can crack it if you know how your competitors are performing. That’s why it’s essential to analyze the top pages of your competitors. With competitive insight, you can get help with your marketing strategy as well. 

Top Performing Pages Get Traffic with SEMRush

Thankfully, SEMRush has a lot of tools to get insights into your competition. For example, if you want to know the top-performing pages of your competitor, 

  • Go to Domain Overview in SEMRush dashboard
  • Enter your competitor’s site into the box
  • Click on ‘Organic Research’ 
  • And navigate to ‘Pages.

Here you’ll have your competitor’s top-performing pages and details associated with them. You can get to know the traffic, keywords, backlinks, and more for the pages. You can reveal the keywords to create content for your pages as well. 

And you’ll eventually back to your site, naturally. This way, you can get traffic with SEMRush.

You have created a website and collected a lot of valuable backlinks back to your site. That’s awesome! But with time, you lose some of the backlinks. And that may hurt your overall search rankings. That’s where the SEMRush pops in. 

Recliam Backlinks on SEMRush

SEMRush helps you identify your lost backlinks so that you get to reclaim them. For that, you need to:

  • Go to SEMRush dashboard
  • Hover over to ‘Domain Analytics’ 
  • Choose ‘Backlinks’ and enter your domain

Here you’ll have an entire list of backlinks built on your site. Now, if you check ‘Lost,’ you will get to know the lost backlinks. Analyze them and try to get them back. Do an outreach campaign to all those domain owners.

Fix Critical SEO Errors

SEMRush has a powerful Site Audit tool that helps you identify all the SEO issues on your site. But wait, there’s more. You also get to know all the steps you need to take to fix all those issues.

For the site audit, you need to login into your SEMRush account and:

  • Go to Projects
  • Click on ‘Add New Project’
  • Enter your site’s address
  • And click the ‘Set up’ button
  • Enter the relevant information

And press the ‘Start Site Audit’ button right away. SEMRush crawls your site, analyzes it, and creates a detailed report. You’ll have all the on-site errors right on your screen now. You can fix them by following the steps given there. 

Fix SEO Errors on SEMRush

SEMRush reveals three major issues:

Errors  – the most severe issues on your site (e.g., sitemap or robots.txt errors)

Warnings – medium-level errors (e.g., images with no alt tags)

Notices – minor issues (e.g., pages blocked from crawling or orphaned pages)

As you can see, ‘Errors’ have a higher impact on your overall SEO score than ‘Warnings’ or ‘Notices.’ I believe you should run a site audit every week and see if you need to fix something. It will drive well-deserved traffic with SEMRush

Analyze the Organic Competition in SERPs

Do you want to outrank your competition in search engine result pages? Then you need to analyze the SERPs first. Analyze how many domains are competing for different keywords. And see how powerful those domains are. 

For example, when I analyzed one of the most popular internet marketing blogs, Backlinko, I found out this result.

Backlinko - Get traffic with semrush

Here’s how you identify your organic competition:

Open the ‘Competitors‘ tab to see the competing websites for a particular keyword in your niche. The SEMRush results are based on analyzing the number of keywords shared between two domains. Also, you can export all your organic competitors to further analyze them later.  

link building on SEMRush

How to get traffic with SEMRush‘s Backlink Gap:

  • Go to Gap Analysis 
  • Choose ‘Backlink Gap’
  • And enter your domain along with your top competitor’s domains

Click on the green button to view the data SEMRush offers you. It shows the number of total backlinks, root domains, and historical data of backlinks. How do you see the link-building opportunities? You must look for the referring domains from which your competitors have links but not yours. 

Optimize Your Content with SEMRush

SEMRush offers the SEO Content Template, which is an underestimated tool without a doubt. It helps you craft your content based on the best SEO practices. The tool offers a template of recommendations based on your primary keyword. 

Optimize your content on semrush

The recommendations are based on the top ten ranking pages on SERPs for your target keyword. For that, you need to select ‘SEO Content Template‘ from the left navigation bar. Set your settings like country, language, and device type. Enter your keyword and hit ‘Create SEO Template‘ on SEMRush

After analyzing SERPs, SEMRush generates a template of SEO recommendations for your content. It recommends you

  • Semantically related keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Readability
  • And text length

Take these suggestions to structure your existing content to outrank your competitors. It will surely bring in a lot of traffic with SEMrush. I like this tool because it doesn’t only talk about on-page but off-page practices as well. 

Explore Long-tail Keywords (Get Traffic With SEMRush)

This must be the best method to get traffic with SEMRush. Explore long-tail keywords for your website in minutes. It can be extremely valuable, especially if you are into a tough niche. It’s going to be difficult to dominate in the search results.

long tail keywords

But with long-tail keywords, you’re probably going to win the game on SERPs. SEMRush‘s Keyword Magic Tool helps you find those golden keywords for you. It’s an easy-to-use keyword research tool to provide all the keywords you need to make your site a success.

For that, you need to go to ‘Keyword Analytics’ and choose the ‘Keyword Magic Tool’ on SEMRush. The tool shows all the metrics of those keywords. And now it’s your job to use filters like KD, CPC, and competition.

Here’s how you find the long-tail keywords:

  • Enter your primary keyword into the Keyword Magic Tool
  • Choose from the keyword groups
  • And find long tail combinations with exact keywords

These keywords will have low-medium volume but less competition on SERPs. It means that you’ll find quick wins sooner than ever. Create content around those long-tail keywords and get traffic with SEMRush tools. 

Reveal Your Competitor’s Paid Advertising

Most marketers and website owners use SEMRush to get SEO insights. But it’s also a powerful advertising tool. Yes, the Display Advertising tool by SEMRush offers you the data about online ads on any website. 

Hubspot's Advertising Strategies

Here are some of the insights you can get with the tool:

  • Ad Types
  • Publishers
  • Audience Targeting
  • Top Audience Interest
  • Display Ads by Device
  • Display Ads by Countries

For that, you need to go to ‘Domain Analytics’ and choose the ‘Display Advertising’ tool. Enter your competitor’s site and press the ‘Explore now’ button. The result will show you an advertising report for that site. 

Backlinks are a powerful ranking signal for search engines, without a doubt. But you cannot take just about any link back to your site. In addition to getting new links, you need to monitor the negative ones as well. 

Toxic Backlinks

Some backlinks can be toxic for your overall ranking. And you may end up losing some traffic on search engines. But SEMRush can help you with identifying negative backlinks so that you can disavow them. 

For that, you need to set up ‘Backlink Audit’ and select ‘Root Domain’ and press the ‘Start Backlink Audit’ button. SEMRush will create a backlink profile for your site and help you recognize the toxic score as well. 

So these are some of the ways to get traffic with SEMRush in 2021. And you can always try new ones as well. 

Conclusion: How to Get Traffic with SEMRush in 2021

With SEMRush, you can discover your competitors’ top pages as well as reclaim lost backlinks. It also helps you fix critical SEO errors and analyze the organic competition in seconds.

SEMRush also lets you know the link-building opportunities and find long-tail keywords for quick wins. Do you want to reveal your competitor’s paid advertising strategies so that you could copy them? Or do you want to identify and disavow toxic backlinks?

SEMRush is always there for you to amp up your marketing efforts. All you need is to explore its tools. Let me know in the comments if you have learned how to get traffic with SEMRush. And share your method to get traffic to your site using the software as well.  

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