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How to Earn $200 a month doing (virtually) nothing (SAAS Website)

Earn $200 a month doing (virtually) nothing

Today to will share Earn $200 a month doing (virtually) nothing with SAAS website. Nowadays, everyone seems to be fixated on the idea of making money by doing (virtually) nothing through the power of the internet; Anyone can make money online by starting and establishing their own online business (in fact, you can earn $200 a month in a relatively short period of time).

The idea seems somewhat surreal, and whenever you sit down) to look for ways to start, you conclude that it’s easy for EVERYONE, everyone but you. The truth is, with the right plan you can earn $200 a month by doing virtually nothing.

Starting an online business comes with many benefits:

  1. Flexible work schedule
  2. Comfort
  3. No work feuds
  4. No commuting
  5. Passive income (getting money doing nothing).

Flexible work schedule

Earn $200 a month doing (virtually) nothing

Be your own boss, which means you only work when you find it fit.


The comfort of working from home is undeniable; you can work from your bed or have your own home office.

No work feuds

Avoid the inevitable work drama.

No commuting

You wake up, and suddenly you’re there! Working from home means you don’t have to take cabsbusestrainssubways, or any form of transportation to get to work.

Passive income (Earn up to $200 a month!)

Once your system is up and running, it doesn’t require you to be present 24/7. In fact, you would be able to earn money as you sleep.

Passive income is the single most powerful advantage of starting a business online. You work for a week, and the following week you can kick back and relax while you observe the results of your work.

Whether it means becoming a blogger, an affiliate marketerdigital marketer, or drop-shipper, starting on your journey towards online financial independence has never been more possible.

Earn $200 a month doing (virtually) nothing

Believe that you can

If you’re just starting, it might not be easy to take yourself seriously. Working from home, either as an affiliate marketerdigital marketer, or online store ownermight seem like a farfetched idea.

It’s natural to find yourself working on and off and even dropping the whole idea altogether for several months.

Many factors decide if you would succeed or not, but an important factor is to be able to think long-term.

Come to terms with the fact that you’re not going to reap results in the near future. Have patience, and a plan.

NOT a “get rich fast” scheme.

This model that we’ll discuss shortly is quite basic, although it requires a good deal of work (up to a year of work!) 

In theory, making money online is a straightforward process, but it takes some work and effort when it comes down to practice. You can start small, earn a small profit and that will motivate you to invest and work harder.

What path should I choose?

Earn $200 a month doing (virtually) nothing

There are innumerable options; however, here’s one option in particular that can be summed up in three broad steps:

  1. Make a website.
  2. Generate traffic to your website.
  3. Monetize said traffic.

These are 3 very broad steps. Let’s talk about one seldom touched model, starting a System As a Service website or SAAS website.

Why start a SAAS website?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, SAAS websites are fairly common, and odds are you’re probably using several. Of the many popular SAAS websites, Netflix is a prominent example.

There’s also Grammarly, CanvaDropboxEvernote, and MUCH more.

The chief advantage of starting a SAAS website is the recurring payment. You offer a service that people can access through a website (24/7), making it divorced from your time.

At the end of the month, granted that your service was helpful to them, people will renew their subscriptions. This is very powerful as time passes; imagine offering a service at the low price of $5 or $10 a month but to 20 or 100 people!

If done correctly, you can eventually earn up to $200 a month doing nothing!

How to start a SAAS website:

If you are a web developer, this might be a problem that you can tackle alone, however, depending on the complexity of the service you wish to offer, you might need a team of developers.

If you have no web development experience, you can always pay someone to develop the service for you (granted, you have the money for it).

But all this might sound foreign to you or you may not have enough money to pay a developer.

Luckily, you can buy ready-made script from websites like CodeCanyon, and host it on either a free shared server or on a dedicated VPS server. You can find scripts as cheap as $33!

Earn $200 a month doing (virtually) nothing


When you purchase a ready-made script, you have the option to purchase the extended license, which will allow you to sell your service freely. However, if you can’t afford to buy the extended service, you won’t be able to sell your service.

Selling your SAAS as a GIG.

After setting up your script and hosting it online, it’s available for everyone to use for free. But you can still sell it as a gig.

That means you can advertise your service on websites such as FiverrUpwork, . You can decide on the price by comparing it with prices of similar services in the market.

From here on, whenever someone contacts you on FiverrUpwork, or whichever website you’re advertising on, all you have to do is create an account and send the credentials to your clients via email after you’ve settled the payment.

Eventually, and after you’ve earned enough money, you can buy the extended license and have the option to sell your service right off the website.

How much money you will make is completely up to you and your marketing efforts. Assuming you already have a huge audience, advertising your service will be almost effortless.

If you don’t have a huge audience, you’d have to work on building one. The beauty of this whole system is that after working for a few months, the process becomes more and more automated, and all that will be left is creating accounts, and at the end of each month, you will collect your recurrent payments.

“Doing nothing” in the title means that it’s virtually effortless to earn money AFTER you’ve done and set-up your whole System.

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