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High CPC Keywords: Everything You Need to Know (2021)

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High CPC Keywords

What are high CPC keywords? How to find them quickly? And what are the most expensive CPC keywords in the world? I’m going to answer all of these questions along with others.

By the end of this post, you’ll understand everything you need to know about cost-per-click words. 

As a digital marketer, your CPC is a critical metric to work on because it determines your ROI. Everything from advertising investment to revenue depends on the cost per click. That’s why you need to understand the subject better. Sounds fair?

What Are High CPC Keywords?

High CPC Keywords

CPC stands for cost-per-click. CPC is the price you pay for every click on your pay-per-click marketing campaign. You don’t pay the price if you don’t run PPC ads and host them onto your blog or website. Understand that the higher the CPC an advertiser pays, the higher your revenue will be as a blogger.

Here’s how you calculate CPC:

Cost per click varies from keyword to keyword. And it makes sense because some keywords bring in a lot of revenue than others. For example, keywords like ’email marketing must be more profitable than ‘funny videos’. So the former keyword has a higher CPC than the latter.

That brings us to define high CPC keywords in a better way,

High CPC keywords are those for which advertisers on platforms such as Google AdWords pay more than others.

Does it make sense? Let me know in the comments below. 

Revenue for the advertisers is determined by how much they’re paying for clicks and the quality of traffic. While income for you as a blogger is determined by how much advertisers from an ad network pay you. It depends on the traffic quality without a doubt. 

How to Find High CPC Keywords for Blog

There are tons of ad networks, but the biggest one is Google AdSense, with nearly 2 million advertisers. It also has billions of customers in the world. AdSense earners receive 80% of their income from 20% of the keywords they use.

As a blogger or content creator, can increase high-paying keywords for you if you find them. Well, here’s how you do it using the right tools:

Use Google Keyword Planner to Find Profitable Keywords

Let’s jump on Google itself because it’s where the data is coming from. 

Google Keyword Planner

Step 1: Hover over the Keyword Planner after you create your AdWords account.

Step 2: And then enter keywords related to your niche. Or explore keywords if you’re starting your niche research. Also, specify your demographics like countries and more.

The results show you average monthly searches, competition, ad-impression share and suggested bid. The suggested bid is related to CPC. 

Step 3: Choose keywords with higher suggested bids (and CPC). Try going for low competition keywords so that you start getting traction easily. 

Another recommendation is to opt for keywords with fewer monthly searches. Although it’s sometimes easier to rank for a keyword with a lower number of monthly searches, it’s not always the case.

Rush to SEMRush to Find Money Making Keywords 

SEMRush has a fine collection of SEO tools. And using it to find money-making keywords is practical without a doubt. There are two methods of doing so. First, search for keywords related to your niche and find high CPC keyphrases. Let’s explore the second method in detail now.


Step 1: Go to SEMRush and enter the domain of your competitor. You’ll have tons of valuable information in a few seconds now. 

Step 2: Click on the number of ‘Keywords’ it’s ranking for.

Step 3: And choose the highest number from the ‘CPC’ column. And that’s just it! You have found the highest cost-per-click keywords from your competitor. Of course, you need to shortlist your result depending on ranking difficulty, volume, and other metrics. 

Opt for Ahrefs to Get Top Paying AdSense Keywords

Finding high CPC keyphrases is seamless on Ahrefs as well. All you need is visit its Keyword Explorer and choose the highest CPC from the column.


1: Go to Ahrefs and sign in to your premium plan. 

2: Choose’ Keyword Explorer’ from the top-bar.

3: Enter a seed keyword related to your niche and press ‘Enter’

4: Click on ‘More filters’ and opt for ‘Cost per click, $’

5: Set your minimum and maximum limit for CPC and get the top results based on your criteria.

How to Find High CPC Keywords for YouTube

You can find profitable YouTube keywords in the same way as you would for a blog. But you need to start your keyword research with YouTube itself. Focus on YouTube autocomplete feature. 

After you get the plethora of keywords, use them on tools like Keyword Planner  SEMRush. And repeat the process that I’ve enlisted above. Enter your relevant keywords and get to know the CPC. 

Or else you can use TubeBuddy to get tons of keyword ideas. And then get to know the CPC for different keywords. Ahrefs also allows you to do keyword research for your YouTube channel. All you need is to select the platform on Keyword Explorer. 

Some of the Highest CPC Keywords (2021)

Wordstream has also offered the data . Have a look at the pie chart I’ve created for you. 

  1. Insurance $61 CPC
  2. Gas/Electricity $58 CPC
  3. Loans $50 CPC
  4. Mortgage $46 CPC
  5. Attorney $48 CPC
  6. Lawyer $42 CPC
  7. Donate $42 CPC
  8. Conference Call $42 CPC
  9. Degree $40 CPC
  10. Credit $38 CPC

Here are some of the most expensive keywords for Insurance in the US.

insurance high cpc keywords

And have a look at marketing niche now.

top keywords for marketing

Now that you know tons of highest-paying keywords, create content around them. And focus on adding value to your readers because only then you’ll succeed. Let’s have a look at the FAQs section now. 

FAQs on High CPC Keywords

Let me answer some of the most frequently asked questions about CPC. Let me know in the comments below if your question hasn’t been answered.

What is CPC in blogging?

CPC, short for cost per click in blogging, refers to the amount of money you get paid if your site clicks. CPC depends on the kind of content you create on your blog or site. Content that is valuable for advertisers has a higher CPC. 

Why is my CPC so high?

Your CPC may be high because of the increased competitors bidding on the same keywords. So you can control the price of your bidding but not the one given by your competitors. 

What topics have high CPC?

The topics that are more profitable for advertisers on the ad networks have higher CPC and vice versa. For example, topics related to email marketing must have a high CPC because it brings around $44 return on investment of one dollar. And that’s insanely huge! On the other hand, a funny topic will not necessarily bring considerable value to advertisers. So, it has a low CPC. 

Why is CPC Low When CTR is High?

It’s not always the case. CTR depends on the quality score, affecting your CPC. The more quality your content has, the better position on a search engine it will be.

Find High CPC Keywords with Low Competition

To sum it up, find high CPC keywords using the above methods. And always find low competition keywords by narrowing down your keyword research based on metrics like ranking difficulty. This is the only way you can enjoy the benefits of high cost-per-click key phrases for your blog or website. 

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