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Email Marketing Best Practices 2021: Secret Tricks

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Email Marketing Best Practices 2021

Email Marketing Best Practices 2021? 1f you are currently participating in other types of Internet marketing but not email marketing you should seriously consider why you are avoiding this type of advertising. This is important because email marketing can be a very important part of an Internet marketing campaign. Many business owners avoid email marketing for fear of being accused of spamming. Internet markets may not have a clear understanding of what is spam and what is not so they avoid participation in email marketing campaigns to avoid the potential for being labeled a spammer. 

In this article, I will be going with you over some secret tricks to help you increase the click and open rate of any email marketing campaign you run. This is based on some tests we did in 2021, and we are now providing you with the best tricks to achieve the ultimate achievement in your next campaign.

But first, and in case you are a new visitor to our blog, before digging into the email marketing best practices 2021, let’s discuss together what is email marketing.

What is Email Marketing

Email Marketing Best Practices 2021

Let’s first explain briefly what is email marketing.

Open your Gmail account and go to your promotions tab. You can find lots of emails showing you different promotions and ads for many products.

The products could be software, services, or even real products you can order to your home.

Many companies, if not all companies use this strategy to promote and sell their products.

They just send emails to people letting them know about new products, thus having possible customers that could buy their products. Nice!

In other words, Email marketing is a highly effective strategy for sending emails to prospects and customers. Effective marketing emails convert prospects into customers and turn one-time buyers into loyal fans.

So let’s dig further into how to make money with email marketing campaigns.

Now let’s get to the point and show you the tips and tricks.

Email Marketing Best Practices 2021

Following our tips, you will be able to run email marketing campaigns with more that 50% open rate. This is very good!

The below screenshot is from one of our campaigns, where we sent almost 1800 emails and got around a 52% open rate! This means more than 900 people opened our email!

email marketing best practices 2021

You can notice the clicks we received for this campaign is 210 clicks.

Let’s imagine we want to run a paid email marketing campaign with 210 clicks.

Running a simple calculation, 210 clicks could have cost us 2350$. WOW!

While our campaign did not cost more than 0.5$!

CPC for email marketing

So why not follow our tips so you can stop wasting money on running paid ads.

1- Test Subject Line Score

This is extremely important.

You may ask why?

The subject line is the first line of contact. It will determine whether your email will land in spam, inbox or the promotional tab.

Of course, when your emails reach the spam, it is not only about the subject line. It is more of a warm-up of your server(in case your SMTP server is new). Yes, you can build your own SMTP server and send your own emails to contacts. Just like the training in our courses here! We can also build this system for you.

Now back to our main point. As we advised, testing subject lines is very important. It is like the front of your store. If it is nice, people will open it.

But how to know what subject lines should be used?

Go to a website called

In it you can write your subject line and test it. They even grade it for you.

Let’s take this subject: Send 970K Emails Case Study.

Email Marketing Best Practices 2021

You can see, it is graded with a full A mark with 94 points. Which makes this a very good subject line to send your emails with. 
Good subject lines will make readers want to know more about the content, so make sure you always send subject lines with a high score.

2- Check If your Emails will Land in Spam, Inbox, or Promotions

We all know what SPAM and Inbox are, but do we mean by Promotions?

Email Marketing Best Practices 2021

Go to your gmail account, you will notice the above 3 tabs. Have you ever went to the promotions tab? Maybe very rarely.

Don’t get me wrong, Promotions tab is in your inbox. But Gmail filters certain email they mark as advertisements and send them to the promotions tab. You will not even get a notification that a new email arrived to your inbox.

3- Check Your Sending Score

The sending score of your email will check how “Spammy” your email is.

Go to Copy the temporary email provided by the website and send your test email to it then check your score.

Email Marketing Best Practices 2021

The higher your score, the better. Make sure you always get more than 9/10 to avoid getting your emails marked as spam!

4- Send To Your Self

You sure have a gmail and outlook account. Who doesn’t?

This is where you can use these accounts. Just send a test email to your accounts and make sure you receive the email in your inbox.

You can keep sending until you send the perfect email that reaches your inbox.

Another thing you can benefit from this is by placing yourself in the shoes of your campaign receivers ( not literally). This way you can check the email and check if you would open this email if you have received it in your inbox. You can also check the email on your mobile and see how it looks as almost 90% of the recipients will check it on their mobiles. So make sure it is readable on this small device.

If the email does not look good and you wouldn’t open it, then change the email!

5- Write the perfect body and call to action

The last tip here is for you to write the perfect content in your email and end it with a clear call to action. Make sure to check it out and enroll. It is totally free and has very valuable content.

Conclusion about Email Marketing Best Practices 2021

Email Marketing Best Practices 2021

Let’s recap all the tips we talked about in this article.

1- Test Subject Line Score
Make sure your subject lines are eye-catchy.
2- Check If your Emails will Land in Spam, Inbox, or Promotions
Make sure your emails land in the inbox.
3- Check Your Sending Score
Do not send emails with a low score.
4- Send To Your Self 
Test your emails on yourself first.
5- Write the perfect body and call to action.
Write valuable content with great call to action.

Just follow this tips and I am sure your campaign will get 3 times more successfull than it is currently.

If you have any other tip that you would like to share it with us, don’t forget to write it in the comments below.

I hope I provided some helpful content.

Always stay tuned for more valuable tips and tricks.

Don’t Forget your Feedback.

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