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Affiliate Marketing Tips can Make You Rich

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Why do you need to pay attention to Affiliate Marketing Tips?

If you are a beginner or already monetized the blog with affiliate links.


Still NOT generating expected sales online?
Want to get richer quickly with Affiliate Commissions?

Then, this guide is for you.

From the below list, some of the Affiliate Marketing tips can blow your mind to skyrocket your affiliate journey.

Many affiliate marketers fail to achieve desire sales result.

Are you one of them? or You want to earn more with Affiliate?

In such a case, You should pay attention to every single tip.

Table of content for Affiliate Marketing Tips

  1. Niche clarity
  2. Method of selling
  3. Trending niches
  4. Don’t stick to your micro-niche
  5. Building email list
  6. How you will build your email list?
  7. Sell using email marketing Funnels
  8. Generate Traffic
  9. Find your funnel leakages

Let’s see, What we have crafted for you from Basic tips to Advance.

1. Niche clarity

Affiliate Marketing Tips

You must have knowledge & interest in your niche. If you don’t have Interest, Please wait, Don’t select the niche. You might not able to create the quality content required for sales. Be clear about your interest and niche. This is niche clarity.

Once you are clear on your niche, Check if the niche is profitable. For that, You have to ask 3 questions.

  1. Are products available in your niche solving problems?
  2. Does the product have good reviews & ratings?
  3. Does other Affiliate marketers are making good money with this niche?

2. Method of selling

Which methods you are using to increase your affiliate sell? You have a double cross-check on this.

There are two methods,

  1. Are you writing features and expecting users to buy from your affiliate links?


  1. Are you solving the problem of your audience by providing a product as a solution?

You have to be very specific about this.

The 1st method will not earn you money every time, because features never sell. What sells is the solution to the problem.

To solve this problem, companies created products.

So in your content, focus on problem-solving. Add product affiliate links that solve their problem.

Pro tip: Your method of selling should be more inclined to problem-solving.

4. Don’t stick to your micro-niche
This will apply to those who are already generating enough traffic and good sales.
If you want to generate more affiliate sales, then expand into your niches.
Don’t completely stick to your micro-niche, slowing try expanding into another micro-niche. But,
Whatever you do, Test it!
⚠️ If you are a beginner and reading this, Don’t follow this tip, this is not applicable for beginners.
For beginners, Following one micro-niche is very important. Create valuable & quality content. Always try to provide solutions, sales will happen.

3. Building an email list

If you are not building your email list, then you are not doing it in the right way.

building an email list is very important when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.

These subscribers are your potential buyers in the future.

Not just building an email list will help you.


Your email list should be clean.

This means you should remove inactive subscribers from your email list.


You should get a high CTR when you send affiliate links to your email subscribers.

Don’t always send affiliate emails, once after every 4-5 emails. It is ok to send affiliate emails.

These Affiliate Marketing Tips will help you to win the Affiliate battle in long run.

The best tool to check trending niches is Google Trend.

Search on Google trend and check what trend is saying about the topic.

If it is going upwards, then you are going in the right direction. But, If it is going downwards, Then you have to change the niche.

This shows that people are losing interest in this topic and so in products too.

You should avoid such niches.

5. How you will build your email list?

Affiliate Marketing Tips

In the above Affiliate Marketing Tips, I told you How an email list will help you in selling affiliate products.


How you will generate an email list?

Are you thinking about scraping email or buying from somewhere else?


This will not give you expected results, As your audience is not relevant.

Build your own email list.

Provide something in return for capturing an email.

You can provide a free ebook in exchange for an email.

You can use Canva  to create a free ebook.

Insert Email optin form in your blog.

Insert exist popup intent. And provide email optin as action.

Exist popup intent will help you to generate a fast email list.

Whenever someone moves the cursor from your blog or website, the Email optin form will pop up.

This is giving users a choice to subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated with your content.

6. Generate Traffic

Without traffic, you will not get affiliate sales. Traffic is the key to success in affiliate marketing. You can win the battle if you win the traffic. But How? How can you generate the traffic?There are millions of users who visit quora daily. Start writing answers on quora. Provide your blog or affiliate link here. Don’t attach a link to every answer you write. Quora might consider you spamming.

Create a short video and post it on your Instagram stories. Provide a link to your blog or affiliate product to checkout more detail.

Create videos on YouTube . Provide quality & Honest content. this will help you to win the heart of your followers. Don’t forget to mention your affiliate link here.

Create Quora space. Your Quora space in your community. You control it. Accept other people’s requests to post on your space but keep it clean. Post your blog link in your space whenever you have written a new post.

Create infographics with Canva. Pin it on PinterestPinterest can help you generate thousands of visitors.

7. Sell using email marketing Funnels

Now you have an email list.

The next step is to build the email marketing funnel.

You might be wondering,

How email marketing Funnels will help you generate affiliate sales?

So for that, You have to follow the below steps.

  1. Create valuable content about the niche. A free course would be more preferable.
  2. Create an email sequence to send the emails daily. Build email funnels & only send emails if customers read the previous email.
  3. Integrate your affiliate link in one of the emails. What mistakes people usually make is they send affiliate emails again & again. This will create a negative impact & customers will feel you are doing only for sales.
  4. Forget about sales and focus on providing value. When you provide value, sales increase. If you are running behind sales then it will not increase. Because in this case, your ultimate aim is to generate sales.
  5. Work on how more people will be registered for your sales funnel.
  6. Your sales funnel will do it is own. You have to sit relax and watch the sales result.

You can use GetResponse or ConvertKit to send automated emails.

 Constant Contact is another alternative you can use. Select any one as per your budget.

If you are looking for a cheap solution, considering using Amazon SES for Email sending. You can use the Opensource mautic application to create an email funnel. You have to connect Amazon SES and mautic. This will require some skills. You can hire anyone to do this for you on Fiverr. or follow up my Free Guide and YouTube videos.


affiliate marketing tips

If you have set up everything in a perfect way but still no sales or High Refunds?

Refunds occur because companies of 30 days money-back guarantee. So in such case, you will not get any affiliate sale for that.

You might have selected the bad review product. This is one of the possibilities which might have happened.

Use Best Review Guide to check reviews before selecting products for the affiliate. This will help you to stay away from high refund products. Always select the product with a positive review. This will make your affiliate journey very easy.

The best review guide will show you the top 10 products in your industry.

It will also show you on which platform the product is available. You can join as an affiliate. This will save you time.

You can research best-selling products on this website.

Implement these Affiliate Marketing Tips & Generate more revenue.

9. Find your funnel leakages

Track all your activity. As I told you earlier you have to build an email funnel to drive traffic. In the same way, You have to track leakages on your blog or website.

If you are generating a good amount of traffic but no sales?

then you might be targeting the wrong audience.

Your products can be B2B (Business to business) or B2C (Business to Consumer) based on your affiliate product or service.

You have to check first who your product end consumers are. End consumers are those people who will use your product.

Once you know, who your end consumers are,

Create Buyer Persona.

Buyer Personal will help you clearly understand the buyers. Target this audience. Your sales will increase.

Don’t Forget your Feedback .

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