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How Do i Earn Money online ?

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there are some ways I never tried, but I know these are the best ways, and thousands of people are making money online from these methods.

Make Money Blogging

I have been earning money with blogging for almost 11 years. I have made more than 2 million dollars with blogging.

I had zero ideas about blogging when I started my first blog in 2009. I worked very hard for blogging but made no money for almost one year.

But I did not give up! I researched topics on Google like:

  • how to create a blog

  • how to write content

  • how to promote your blog on the internet

  • how to make money from your blog

I learned a lot of things about blogging during that 12 months.

And things were getting started in my favor after some time. I made my first $100+ (from Google AdSense) from blogging in 2011. Then there was no looking back. Today, I make almost $25,000 (Rs 15 Lacs+) monthly from blogging.

Become a YouTuber

YouTube is the hot craze in 2022. Everyone wants to become a YouTuber. Everyone wants to make a lot of money & fame through YouTube.

You don't need to live your job, studies, or other things to be a YouTuber. You can even do it part-time and make sufficient money.

Here are the exact steps if you want to be a successful YouTuber:-

Step 1: Decide your niche.

Like I create videos on digital marketing in my channel Pritam Nagrale, you need to decide the topics you want to choose for your videos.

You can choose a niche like comedy videos, motivation, self-help, vlogs, interview series, kitchen recipes, health, how-to-do videos, travel tips, news channels, sports, gaming, or similar on YouTube.

Step 2: Create your Channel

Create a YouTube channel in your name. Add an attractive profile pic and banner image. Edit your bio section and add some quality information about you as I have added in my channel Pritam Nagrale.

Step 3: Create videos

It's good if you have a professional camera, but you can also use your smartphone camera. Check a proper silent place and suitable lights to shoot good quality videos.

Step 4: Promote your videos.

Though YouTube tries to promote your videos, you can get views, and subscribers fast if you take some effort. You can start promoting by sending it to your friends and list on social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

A good title, description, and thumbnail will also help you get more views on your videos.

Monetize your videos

Once your channel completes 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of videos views within 12 months, you can apply for the YouTube partner program. YouTube plays ads in your videos and pays you for the number of views your video receives.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing was an excellent way to earn money online in 2004 when I started my online career with affiliate marketing. It is still the most lucrative business on the internet.

Affiliate marketing promotes and sells products of online companies like Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, and thousands of others.

I use various channels to promote my affiliate products, such as My blogs SureJob and MoneyConnexxion, YouTube channels, email list, and other micro affiliate sites.

I even use paid marketing like Google Ads and Native ads to promote some profitable affiliate programs that pay $50+ for each sale or lead.

There are other ways as well you can use to promote affiliate programs like Pinterest, Quora, Medium, Instagram, etc.

Thousands of affiliates make $5000+ every month promoting different affiliate programs and networks like Amazon, CJ, ShareASale, Clickbank, finance and cryptos affiliate programs, and various others.

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